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Interior designs

We take care of our clients

We take care of our clients in a comprehensive way. We know that the road to your dream apartment does not end with signing the purchase agreement. That is only the beginning. The questions is how to turn the visions in your head into actual plans and visualisations? How to choose appropriate materials from dozens of offers on the market in order to achieve the intended effect with an optimal budget? What to pay attention to when it comes to finishing works? Or perhaps, given how busy most of us are with our everyday lives, it would be better to leave the project to professionals?

We take care of everything.

Our company has prepared special discounts for our clients. You can choose among various options of cooperation; from preparation of technical documentation, functional layout, full 3D visualisation of the premises along with full bill of materials used in the project to full supervision of the finishing works and turnkey solutions.


To meet our clients’ needs we have established cooperation with Premium Design Studio – a company made up by professionals with experience in interior design. What does the cooperation process look like?

Design stage

1. Introductory meeting

(in person or online) to collect all information from our clients necessary to tailor the apartment to their individual needs (its purpose and use, preferred design, favourite colours, the client’s hobbies, as well as planned budget for the finishing works)

2. Signing an agreement

3. Preparation and submission

of functional layouts and 3D visualisations of the premises by the designers

4. Notification

of possible reservations and/or changes

5. Introduction of modifications

and final verification of the project

6. Preparation of technical documentation

and bill of materials based on the arrangements

Supervision stage

1. Signing an agreement

comprehensive project supervision

2. Setting a deadline for works

and signing a separate agreement with the contractor

3. Finishing works

in accordance with the adopted design

4. Ongoing supervision

of individual stages of the finishing works, consultations, solving possible problems and answering questions related to the finishing works.

5. Coordination of

materials and equipment delivery.

6. Completion of works

and handing over keys to the apartment to the client.


Project individually tailored to the client’s needs and budget

Discounts from suppliers

Designer’s supervision

Convenience and time saving


Marek Dornowski

506 999 272

Premium Design Studio Sp. z o.o. Sp.k


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